Dusting Dior away, Dior opens with a POPup Cafe in Miami Design District.

Clothes are meant to last , transcend , take you into new adventures like the exquisiteness of Dior. But what happens when a brand such as this one decides to open a popup cafe? One expects the coffee and the desserts to be as delicious as the Dior garments themselves, If there is one thing you must know about me is that designer boutiques or exhibitions or absolutely anything of that kind fulfill me. Does that ever happen to you? When you’re suddenly holding an embroidered Dior tulle skirt, you suddenly can’t absorb all that beauty or hard work, kind of like going to a museum, when all of the sudden you get consumed by the art.

So going to this cafe was a big deal for me. I thought that, drinking Dior coffee would make me feel like the stunning Chiara Ferragni wearing that Dior gown on her wedding day. For me this would feel life changing, that Dior dessert would be the answer to all my problems and it would be the beginning of my success. Boy was I wrong!

It was a windy Saturday afternoon, my best friend Ashley and I had been getting ready since 11 am. We planned that after going to the Dior Cafe we would have a photoshoot around Paseo Ponti. It was your typical girls day! We go into the Dior boutique around 3:15 ,of course, at first we had to wait around an hour because the cafe upstairs was at its full quantity. Since the cafe is a popup there are no reservations. We finally take the elevator to go to the third floor , the metal doors open and finally there it is what I’ve been waiting for, 2 weeks!

A nice french gentlemen with an air of Jason Statham opens the door, dressed in an impeccable navy blue suit with a CD statement belt, tells us that we are going to have to wait 20 minutes to be seated. But I didn’t mind waiting, I was looking at what it look like to be a scene from a 1940’s movie except everyone was taking selfies. For the first time I had felt the desired glamour I had felt in London. Nostalgia swept over me, I missed London like an almost lover but I know that my reality is here right now in the Dior Cafe ! I looked around the room and the saw the theme, which is Touile de Jouy improved and modernized by Dior’s Creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri for the Cruise 2019 collection. The cafe had other guests apart from us, 3D wild animals like tigers , giraffes and bears, oh my!

When we were seated , we were given the menu of no more than twelve items.

I ordered an Almond Latte and a Dior Choux. I looked around me and almost nobody was having a conversation and if they were it was about, “what is my best angle ?” I realized what this popup was and it was genius. It was a marketing strategy. I took a sip of my latte and it was not your beloved abuelas cortadito, it tasted like sewer water. Ashley quitely ate her croissant while I tried the Dior Choux. It felt like it was trying to be a cream puff but instead of cream they added melted ice cream. I wasn’t impressed, suddenly the atmosphere felt thicker and I was just so sad.

Dior is the definition of haute couture but its popup didn’t convey that feeling with its service. Maybe because it isn’t meant to convey that feeling at all, after all it’s just a popup and the brand is testing the waters and the clientele here in Miami. It was a weekend well spent with my best friend, we took a lot of pictures in the Cafe and that was the point.

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