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Proficient in public relations with a focus on fashion, individual searching for a position to provide media knowledge, people skills and storytelling. Competent in writing with an aptitude for fashion journalism and creative writing.  With a Bachelors in Communication of Science specialized in public relations I am capable of delivering the message. In addition to having a Vogue fashion certificate from the prestigious Condè Nast College of Fashion and Design, I am inclined to learn more about fashion media and be an asset to the team as well as an active collaborator

About Me 

 From a very young age I was immersed into a world of storytelling, film, history and fashion. The stories of strong women, feminists and heroines called out to me. I wear my beloved Mexican culture like a second skin.  Although I only lived in Mexico the first seven years of my life, I take immense pride in my roots though having immigrated to the United States of America to the melting pot of Miami Florida with my Cuban father and Mexican mother.  

I draw inspiration from my roots and the richness of Mexican culture mixed with the aromatic Cuban culture.  I have an international mindset and a comprehension of the global village. To me, fashion is not only about clothes or something that is frivolous. For me, fashion goes deeper than that. It is an art form that can communicate and generate emotions. Through a dress you see a story being told from its tiny details to the main idea.  

 Fashion isn’t something exclusive or intangible. I believe fashion is diverse and can be found everywhere; it is surprising and ever changing.   Thanks to a globalized world, fashion has helped young girls like me to understand the importance of other cultures using fashion as either a message or a political statement. Fashion is the language of hypersensitive human beings, trying to make sense of the past by connecting it with our present.  



 Magazine cover 

 This vogue cover and the following projects are not for the commercial Vogue magazine. This project work has been completed at the Condè Nast College.

 SHopping page 
still life feature 
 Vogue margoT & Nicole mock up

Annotation: The logo was created with the program Indesign. the mockup MargoT / Nicole cover was created using both Photoshop and Indesign. 

The cover of my marketing strategy 

Annotation: For the cover of my Marketing strategy I used indesign and Photoshop. i used photoshop to increase the resolution of the logo. For my Kendall Jenner Ad for my chosen brand & and the created sister brand "bella signorina" I utilized photoshop tools. I wanted the typefont and logo to be classy and flirty without it being distracting and taking away from the photo.

classic shoot